Maestoso by Christophe Claret

August 25, 2014

This wonderful timepiece offers a new lease of life to the traditional pivoted detent escapement.

As promised at Baselworld 2014, the first Maestoso pieces will be available at boutiques in Asia and Europe as of September this year. Good things indeed come to those who wait: Christophe Claret and his team have worked for seven years on developing Maestoso, with the aim of equipping a wristwatch with a traditional high-precision detent escapement – a mechanism generally found only in stabilized clocks. Rare are the watchmakers who can pull off this technical coup, but Mr Claret and his Manufacture have risen to the challenge with aplomb.

The escapement is the heart of all mechanical watches. It is a key element of the regulating system, the mechanism controlling timing precision by governing power released from the mainspring. Invented in the mid-18th century at the time of the great horological pioneers, the detent escapement is unrivalled in terms of performance and accuracy. It was originally designed for marine chronometers, which are usually mounted on gimbals offering a stable position. However, the system has rarely featured in a wristwatch, primarily due to its sensitivity to shocks. But Christophe Claret has found the solution to overcome two major problems: Over-banking and turning-over (tripping).

The slightest shock to a detent escapement can cause it to stop or even release the escape wheel and break. Another danger is over-banking, in which an external shock, or even setting the time, can cause the balance wheel to oscillate with excess amplitude, i.e. more than 360°, causing a second impulse. This can speed up the escapement wheel and disrupt timing. With Maestoso, Christophe Claret offers a new lease of life to the traditional pivoted detent escapement.

To ensure that the escapement functions with minimal risk of wear and damage, Christophe Claret has incorporated additional protective and shock-absorbing systems into Maestoso, a watch that has been awarded no fewer than three patents. Other important features of the manual-winding movement include dual mainspring barrels, a constant force mechanism, stop seconds, and a micrometric worm screw on the regulator to regulate the timing rate.

Maestoso belongs to Christophe Claret’s Traditional Complication Watches collection and features materials and finishing in keeping with the very best in high-end watchmaking, as well as the beautiful aesthetic codes that Mr Claret holds dear. Three different versions are available, each one in a limited series of 20 pieces: White gold and anthracite PVD-treated grade 5 titanium case – red ruby and black PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova; 5N red gold and anthracite PVD-treated grade 5 titanium case – black ceramic and anthracite PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova; and 5N red gold case – black ceramic and anthracite PVD-treated hands with Super-LumiNova.

Christophe Claret is a haute horlogerie brand whose exclusive timepieces are available in four collections: Traditional Complications, Extreme Watches, Casino Game Watches and Ladies’ Complications. In its own special way, each timepiece is an expression of the values that define and distinguish the master watchmaker himself: innovation, perfection, passion, uniqueness and exclusivity.