The Luxe Life: Greg Simonian

January 15, 2015

The connoisseur of L.A. style talks about the objects of desire currently on his radar

Age: 29
Lives in: Westwood
Works at: Westime Watches
Title: President
Personal style: “Classic with a twist. I often mix casual clothes with high-quality accessories.”

“Rimowa luggage is light and strong and easy to wheel around. That’s what a frequent traveler to Switzerland, the home of watches, needs. Plus the company makes pieces in my favorite color—orange.”

“The Roland Iten belt buckle may be the most complicated ever manufactured, but it’s lightning fast to remove at airport security and great looking, too.”

“When it comes to crafting pool tables with a slate bed, Olhausen is the leader. The fabric options are practically limitless.”

“I’m on my feet most of the day, so quality shoes are a must. The ones by Berluti only look better as they age.”

“Phone photos only go so far! A Hasselblad camera is for moments that matter. Hey, it was good enough for the astronauts!”

“The ‘ Steve McQueen’ Persol sunglasses are a style that endures and never looks dated.”

Featured in Los Angeles Magazine, January issue