May 20, 2015

THE SolarArcticPassage EXPEDITION SETS OFF ON 13 JUNE 2015

Raphaël Domjan, the founder of Solar Planet, will wear a DeWitt watch during the SolarArcticPassage expedition that will take place in Canada.

The SolarArcticPassage polar expedition will depart from Paris on 13th June, led by Anne Quéméré, a yachtswoman from Brittany and the expedition’s leader, and Swiss eco-adventurer Raphaël Domjan.

With the help of his foundation SolarPlanet, Raphaël Domjan is involved in various humanitarian projects to promote the use of renewable energies.

For the SolarArcticPassage project, he will complete the first solar-powered polar sailing expedition, travelling some 3,000 km through the ice of the Northwest Passage in a kayak specially equipped
with solar panels. This venture has never before been attempted.

The Northwest Passage is a naval passage that links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via a labyrinth of earth, water and ice through the Arctic isles of Canada’s Far North. Raphaël Domjan will wear a DeWitt watch during this expedition.

Adventurers who have crossed the Arctic have all spent a large proportion of their energy attempting to tackle ice floes, blizzards, the sea and icy deserts. It is a unique experience that requires extreme
preparation, both logistical and physical.

Accompanying him on this adventure, Raphaël will wear a DeWitt Academia Blackstream watch on his wrist which, like the two seafarers, has undergone preparation and tests under extreme

Durability, water resistance and resistance to temperature variations are the essential qualities required and the watch was put to the test more than ever before in the Manufacture’s workshops.

Due to particularly low sub-zero temperatures, it was even tested in a freezer!

The expedition is expected to arrive in Pond Inlet in Canada in early September.

A joint battle for high stakes: protecting the planet.