Ludovic Ballouard did not seem destined to become a watchmaker. Born in Brittany, France, in 1971, to a Breton father and a Dutch mother, his childhood was enveloped by the sound of the sea, the mysterious and variable winds which blow along the coastline and by the rugged and splendid beauty of that part of the world.


Although he was still unaware of it, his passion for the construction and flight of radio-controlled model aeroplanes was to lead him to watchmaking. Since the age of 12 he had excelled in this early interest. This later led to a professor of his suggesting that he took advantage of this gift for assembling infinitely small parts in the service of watchmaking.


Ludovic Ballouard had found his way! As a student of the watchmaking school in Rennes, Brittany, France, he discovered cogs, screws, movements and watch cases of all shapes and sizes. His passion and enthusiasm for the marvels timepieces represent just grew and grew!


Ludovic Ballouard