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Welcome Ulysse Nardin’s Jade “Jellyfish”. The beautiful marriage of style and substance

Thanks to its UN-310 caliber and its innovative crown design, Jade was, at its launch in 2013, the first timepiece to take into account a woman’s delicate manicure when manipulating the settings.

No pulling is required to wind the watch, set the time, or adjust the date backwards or forwards, only a simple turn. A dainty crown position indi-cator on the dial shows the wearer which setting she is adjusting. Its movement incorporates silicium components for enhanced precision and durability.

The exquisite elegance of Jade “Jellyfish” attains a new level of decorative beauty with the addition of rare ena-meling technique mastered by Donzé Cadrans specialist, a member of the Ulysse Nardin group of companies. With a magical marine-inspired design, its dial is in Champlevé enamel.

Champlevé is an enameling technique in which cells are carved with a chisel on the metal plate and filled with vit-reous enamel. The dial is then heated up until the enamel melts and is then smoothed using a file. The final step, which is also the most delicate, consists of enriching the motif by chiseling all the metal parts on the surface.

The eternal femininity of Jade Jellyfish is celebrated on the dial and the bezel set with 114 diamonds. Water re-sistant to 30 meters, it boasts an 18 ct white gold case with a sapphire crystal case-back and a white leather strap.