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Luxury timepiece and diamond jewelry house, Jacob & Co. is pleased to announce that the brand will return to Geneva’s Hotel des Bergues for its second annual exhibition of highly complicated, as well as extraordinarily bejeweled, timepieces. From January 15th-19th the brand will display its latest horological feats, with an array of new watches being unveiled to invited clients, collectors and connoisseurs for the first time. Highlights from the exhibition will include never-before-seen evolutions of the brand’s highly acclaimed “Astronomia” collection, as well as a selection of the most sought-after high-jewellery watch novelties that debuted at Baselworld 2017. The by-invitation only exhibition will be open from 9am to 9pm daily, with private viewings available by appointment.

Amongst the new additions to the Astronomia collection that Jacob & Co. will debut during the exhibition are the first diamond baguette-set version of the Astronomia Solar, as well a new version of the signature Astronomia Triple Axis Tourbillon, set in a black ceramic case. Furthering the elements of artistic sculpture within the celebrated collection, Jacob & Co. will also unveil the striking Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus as well as the Astronomia Dragon.
The Astronomia Octopus Clarity blends two of the brand’s most celebrated watches of 2017, the Astronomia Clarity and the Astronomia Octopus, to create a new, horological masterpiece that’s truly one-of-a-kind. The timepiece elevates the complications and craftsmanship of the Astronomia Clarity by adorning the movements with a titanium sculpture of an Octopus. While titanium is ideal for decorating the movement without adding significant weight to the piece the material is notoriously difficult to engrave or sculpt, making it all the more difficult to bring the piece to life. A constraint of 3 gramms was required to maintain the 10 minutes movement rotation pace. Finely hand-engraved and polished (150 hours) and painted (40 hours), the tridimensional creature can be observed from every angle thanks to the watch’s sapphire dome case side apertures and see-through case back. The rich and colorful painting on the octopus is a reproduction of the real vivid color of the Blue-ringed octopus, a highly venomous species found in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Similar to the concept of the Astronomia Octopus Clairty, the Astronomia Dragon blends the high-complications of the Astronomia Tourbillon with artistic sculpture and a touch of decadence. Set within the original Astronomia Tourbillon Model, the Astronomia Dragon features a miniaturized dragon sculpture, this time carved out of 18k rose gold. The dragon spectacularly inhabits the watch, encircling the four axis of the Jacob & Co signature triple Axis Tourbillon. In order for the the dragon’s full body to be encapsulated within the piece, the sculpture needed to be broken into three parts. It required the expertise and meticulous eye of the world’s most highly trained watchmakers to assemble the creature around the revolving movement. The expressive dragon has been meticulously hand engraved with 2294 hand engraved scales.