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HYT Press Release: Skull 48.8

Present. Haunting. Vital.
Still life is never about life standing still. Just like an element of one of those beautifully
haunting paintings, the HYT Skull 48.8 has carpe diem on its mind. This distinctive
timepiece continually reminds of the importance of seizing every second. Highlighting
time’s passage using liquids, it focuses on the power of the present, the very elixir of life.

The charismatic protagonist of this mesmerizing staging of time’s flow is a skull-shaped
capillary. A patented fluidic module and exclusive mechanical calibre bring this to life.
Colored liquid symbolizes reflection, while its transparent counterpart speculates
reservedly on the future. Their meniscus meeting point precisely depicts the vital now. The
broad eyes on the dial of the Skull 48.8 intimidate intentionally, prompting onlookers to
take a closer look at how they themselves are spending their time. Behind the right eye is a
rotating disc expressing the passing of each precious second as it fades from dark to pale.
Placing time’s essential momentum center stage, the counting of the minutes moves
backstage, eliminating the need for a minute hand.

Light and color play accomplished supporting roles in the drama of the Skull 48.8. Three
limited editions incorporate red, green and blue fluid respectively. As each shade flows
around the skull to represent elapsed life, it extends its contrasting influence over the
monochromatic backcloth of the galvanized dial and titanium case. This deliberate tension
fascinates the eye, as does the effect of light on the differently treated, unmistakably
modern grey surfaces. Confirming the force of color-coding are grey fabric straps within a
structure that matches the influencing tone. The present requests our presence.

HYT was born of a question. Time flows and only gains meaning through content. So why
limit its measurement to indicating the now in splendid isolation, with needle-sharp hands
or fleeting digital displays? Determined that its rebellion should make statements and
waves, a multi-disciplinary think-tank set out to create timepieces that visibly connect the
past, present and future. The HYT answer is a watch that overcomes the force of gravity to
indicate the passage of time with liquids. Highly advanced technology took its cue from
philosophy to mirror time’s intrinsic fluidity.

The rest is history. To be precise, it’s history that began 3,400 years ago with the
Clepsydras, or water clocks, of the Pharaohs. These so-called “water thieves” transported
H2O from one container to another to measure elapsed or “stolen” time. This meaningful
visualization of the transition of time seemingly disappeared until 2012, when HYT broke
new scientific ground, inventing a wristwatch integrating a patented fluidic module. A
colored liquid documents the recent past; a transparent fluid indicates the foreseeable
future. Their meeting point is a meniscus, aka the now.

Today HYT is an ecosystem that unites science, hi-technology, philosophy, art and design.
Based in Neuchâtel, at the heart of the traditional Swiss watchmaking region, a dedicated
team of 43 individuals makes liquid time real time. Their radical wristwatches harmoniously
incorporate a mechanical watch movement as the trigger to the fluid propulsion. They
make total sense of time – time and time again. 


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HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch
HYT, Press Release, Skull 48.8, Luxury Watch