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Westime Press Release: URWERK Debuts its Project AMC at Westime Miami

On Tuesday, December 4th, 2018, URWERK co-founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei hosted a seated dinner at Westime in Brickell City Centre in celebration of the Project AMC, a limited-edition $2 million+ atomic master clock that mechanically winds, sets and regulates its paired URWERK watch. Guests included Westime founder John Simonian, Miami Dolphins player Davon Godchaux, reality TV star Adriana de Moura, Fabian and Martina Basabe, Lucho and Andrea Noboa, and Patrick Van Negri, among other watch enthusiasts and collectors.

The watch industry was given a preview of the unfinished AMC earlier this year, at watch fairs in Geneva and Basel, Switzerland. This week’s event marked the debut the first, completed AMC outside of Switzerland. Only three Project AMC devices will ever be made.

The AMC represents the very first twin-set device in which an atomic clock, via a complex mechanical linkage, communicates with a mechanical wristwatch. The result is the definition of artificial intelligence at its best, as two machines exchange information and learn from one another. The 35kg aluminum base houses the atomic clock, a master timekeeper capable of producing rates so stable that it will not vary by a second over the course of millions of years. The AMC’s wristwatch is purely mechanical, utilizing the same watchmaking technology that first appeared in the 17th century. The pairing is a marriage of the tradition of mechanical horology, with the most precise timekeeping technology in human history.

Although URWERK is a young company established in 1997, it is recognized as the forerunner of the new wave of Haute Horlogerie. Producing just 150 watches a year, Co-Founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei see their company as a craftsman’s studio where traditional expertise coexists with avant-garde styling. The company manufactures modern and complex watches that are unprecedented and in keeping with the most demanding criteria of fine watchmaking: independent design and research, advanced materials and handcrafted finishes. Felix Baumgartner, a watchmaker like his father and grandfather, has time running through his veins. After graduating from the Schaffhausen watchmaking school, Felix learned the secret language of minute-repeaters, tourbillons and perpetual calendars at his father’s bench. Martin Frei is the artistic counterweight to his partner’s technical expertise. Accepted into Lucerne’s college of art and design in 1987, Martin delved into every form of visual artistic expression from painting and sculpture to video, emerging as a mature artist.