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The Aviation Pioneer Squad

Introducing our first #SQUADONAMISSION, the Breitling Jet Team.


Breitling celebrates the power of a team and the collective spirit of squads united in pursuit of their mission. Fueled by camaraderie and driven by purpose, we accomplish more together than we could alone. Over the coming months we will feature a series of exceptional squads made up of leading figures from the worlds of aviation, exploration, cinema, and sport.




Enter the high-octane world of The Breitling Jet Team. Founded by Jacques Bothelin, the Jet Team represents Breitling’s long-established ties to aviation. The seven strong squad of pilots are driven to work seamlessly together to master one of most demanding disciplines, requiring absolute precision, concentration, trust and audacity.

United by passion and purpose in their shared endeavour to create the best aerobatics display, the Breitling Jet Team are a true #SQUADONAMISSION. Discover more about the squadron in the interview below.


“Precision, Style, Performance…
That is Breitling”

— Paco Wallaert, Pilot No. 6





The close-knit squad use the legendary Navitimer watch on all their missions. The ultimate aviation tool for calculation and navigation, the Navitimer has retained its status as of one of the world’s true iconic watches for more than 65 years. The Navitimer 8 is another perfect option for the pilots, with a design inspired from the cockpit clocks of the airplanes used in the 1930s.




          Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph 43