Devon Tread 2 Godiva

May 7, 2014

Introducing The Devon Works Tread 2 Godiva

In order to expand upon the success of their wildly popular Tread 2 line of timepiece, Devon’s design department began experimenting this year with earth- toned materials, and one of the pieces they put together was immediately recognized as something special.

Its case is coated in a very and rich dark chocolate brown PVD, an unusual, but very decadent tone with velvety hues of purple, and paired it with a complimentary brown croc-embossed strap, brown Time Belts and gold-toned movement parts.

The team received further confirmation of their success in March when they showed the finished product to company founder and creative director, Scott Devon, who immediately had the timepiece added the company’s display cases at the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair. What resulted could only be called a resounding acceptance, with retailers and customers the world over submitting orders for the unplanned addition to the Tread 2 lineup.

The timepiece, which has been christened Godiva, will begin shipping later this month.



• 44 mm x 42 mm x 14.5 mm case

• 3.16L Stainless Steel with brown PVD coated case, crown and clasp

• Gold-toned movement parts – including the motor covers, indicator plate, pulley mounts and rocker

• 1mm thick sapphire crystal

• Water resistant to 10M

• Brown croc-embossed calf leather strap

• .002” thick fiberglass-reinforced Nylon Time Belts©

• Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to 28 days on a single charge

• Inductive wireless charging system