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Browse Luxury Watch Brands


Each of the watches in our directory takes up a very small amount of space in this world – mere inches, wrapping the wrist.

And yet a single watch may represent years of a watchmaker’s life to create; as well as techniques perfected over centuries; and an industry that spans the globe. These tiny devices are even capable of unleashing a universe of emotions for watch enthusiasts, from awe to desire, pride to joy.

Few other creations combine the continually advancing technical achievements of truly brilliant mechanical engineers, with artistry that touches the soul. An elaborately decorated watch romance time; chronograph watches slice time into increments; and poetic complications seem to manipulate time itself. From complex timepieces consisting of more than 1,000 individual and parts and enough functions to challenge a computer, to the stunning simplicity of time—the world of watches is a diverse place.

Discover this wide range of timepieces, from one extreme to another, at a Westime boutique in Southern California or Miami. You may find that your wrist is not just a landing pad for today’s wearable technology, but the ideal setting for haute horlogerie itself.