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Fabergé Designs Seamlessly Fuse Extraordinary Gemstones And Exceptional Craftsmanship. You can find Faberge jewelry and watches in our retail boutique locations coast to coast in Miami, Hollywood, La Jolla and Beverly Hill on Rodeo Drive.


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Brand Heritage


Faberge Brand History

Faberge, the world's most iconic artist jeweller, creates extraordinary jewellery, timepieces and objects d'art, as well as bespoke commissions for a discerning international clientele. Founded in 1842, Faberge has been the most revered name in jewellery ever since Peter Carl Faberge became official goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court; the house crated exquisite jewels and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious Imperial Easter Eggs. Today, Faberge takes inspiration from its storied past to introduce a new era of enchanting and enduring personal possessions and gifts for contemporary connoisseurs. By painting with the world's finest coloured gemstones, Faberge explores a life in colour through creations which are designed to become future heirlooms.


The ancestors of the current Fabergé family lived in the Picardy region of northern France. The family’s name was then Favri and they were Huguenots (French Protestants) in a predominantly Catholic country. When Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685, which gave Huguenots protection, they fled and headed northeast. Over the years the family’s name changed from Favri through Favry, Fabri, Fabrier to Faberge. By 1800 an artisan called Pierre Favry (later Faberge), had settled in Pärnu in the Baltic province of Livonia (now Estonia).