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Grand Seiko defines the essence of watchmaking in the elements of precision, beauty, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. As a world-leading watch manufacture, Grand Seiko embodies that very essence in the unrivaled quality in every Grand Seiko watch presented to the world. Find Grand Seiko watches for women in one of our four retail boutique locations in Miami, Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles (Hollywood) and La Jolla (San Diego).


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The Endless Pursuit of Grand Seiko

  Seiko Watch Corporation revealed the T0 (T-zero) Constant-force Tourbillon (abbreviated as "T0") as a concept creation of Grand Seiko in September 2020. It represents the world's first movement with a fully integrated constant-force and tourbillon on the same axis, aiming to create a mechanical watch with the highest accuracy possible. In the 1960s, Seiko’s mechanical movements domin ...


The first ever Grand Seiko 9F quartz GMT caliber

The limited edition offers a precision rate of +5 to -5 seconds a year. When Caliber 9F was created in 1993, the goal was straightforward but ambit ...


Realizing world-class precision through proprietary technology.

The history of the watch industry in Japan began in the Meiji era with the import and sale of Western watches. The late 1800s saw the birth of the f ...


What is the “Grand Seiko Standard?”

The Grand Seiko Standard is a Seiko-exclusive accuracy standard for mechanical watches which has been established to ensure superior performance of Grand Seiko mechanical watches irrespective of the differences in environmental conditions in which a watch is used. The Grand Seiko Standard differs from the other recognised chronometer standards in two important respects. While most accuracy standard testing is done for five positions at two temperatures, the Grand Seiko Standard tests six positions at three temperatures. This is because the Grand Seiko Standard seeks to replicate real world conditions.

How accurate is Grand Seiko?

The accuracy of Grand Seiko differs according to the mechanism and caliber of your watch.
QUARTZ : The annual accuracy is ±10 seconds when worn on the wrist within a normal temperature range (between 5 ºC and 35 ºC) for approximately 8 hours per day.
SPRING DRIVE : Average monthly loss / gain is ±15 seconds when worn on the wrist within a normal temperature range (between 5 ºC and 35 ºC).
MECHANICAL : Accuracy of Grand Seiko mechanical watches when worn is specified within the target range of -1 to +10 seconds per day. To properly judge the accuracy under normal use conditions, check the mean value of gain / loss over a period of seven to ten days.

Where does Grand Seiko manufacture their watches?

As one of the very few fully integrated watch manufactures in the world, Grand Seiko possesses a mastery over the full breadth of the watchmaking process from the research and development of component materials to manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection and shipment.
— The Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio produces world-class mechanical watches with highly accurate movements and exquisite exterior design
— The Shinshu Watch Studio drives innovative ideas and novel technologies behind the ultimate quartz watches and Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive watches
Each of these pre-eminent watch studios plays a pivotal role in combining the cutting-edge technology and masterful craftsmanship necessary to reach the pinnacle of quality represented by Grand Seiko.
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The Nature of Time

The brand celebrates the Japanese spirituality of time that is deeply inspired by nature and her seasons and brought to life by Takumi, the dedicated seekers of mastery.

Brand Heritage


Grand Seiko Watches Brand History

It was the determination to excel that brought about the birth of Grand Seiko in 1960. During its development and ever since, the idea that drove the designers and engineers was that Grand Seiko should be the ‘ideal’ watch with standards of precision, durability and beauty that would lead the world.



Grand Seiko Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary With Four Special Limited Editions

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Grand Seiko Debut’s U.S. Special Editions at Westime Beverly Hills

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The 20th Anniversary of Spring Drive is Marked with a New Manual-Winding Thin Dress Series

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Grand Seiko Spreads its Wings with a New Automatic Series for Women

At Baselworld 2018, Grand Seiko presented a limited edition featuring a new automatic caliber, 9S25, which was specifically designed for women’s ...