DeWitt Luxury Watches

A direct descendant of the Emperor Napoléon, Jérôme de Witt, decided to create DeWitt in 2003, a brand which would reflect his vision of watchmaking and give birth to the most elaborate complications respecting the best watchmakers’ traditions. Find DeWitt watches in our retail stores from coast to coast.


DeWitt CLASSIC JEWELLERY Moon Abstraction

DeWitt pays tribute to the artistic crafts and adorns its Classic Jewellery watch with an exceptional dial of celestial inspiration With this third cr ...


Academia Slide: DeWitt’s playful hours

Dragging, sliding, and now, toboggan-shaped: the creative hours of the DeWitt Manufacture are showcased on a new model, the highly original and playfu ...

Brand Heritage


Dewitt Watches Brand History

The company headquarters are located in Meyrin, Geneva. DeWitt is a fully-fledged watch Manufacture that is both independent and self-sufficient in terms of production, where high-end watch movements are produced and developed by hand. Offering over 5000 square-metres of surface spread over three floors, with 60 employees, the DeWitt Manufacture houses all traditional watchmaking activities, from design right through to production and quality control. A dedicated R & D department operates upstream to transform all innovative ideas and creative inspirations. Dewitt can count on a team of extremely well trained and specialized prototypists, watchmakers and dial makers, whose knowledge and skill are by far the company's most valuable asset. In order to fully integrate the extremely complex know-how required for manufacturing its dials in-house, the Manufacture DeWitt employs some ten specialists: electrotypers, painters, setters and others who contribute every day to perfect their creations. The interplay of light and levels, sophisticated constructions and exquisite assemblies give DeWitt timepieces undisputed aesthetic power. Furthermore, DeWitt is committed to perpetuating ancestral watchmaking traditions, as it is now one of the few remaining brands who practice the refined art of guilloche engraving on historical 18th and 19th century rose engines.


The DeWitt Museum, also located at the company headquarters, is the perfect illustration of this very special link with the history of watchmaking machinery. Displaying one of the world's largest collections of tools with over 250 objects, the DeWitt museum retraces almost three centuries of hand-crafted watchmaking. Jerome de Witt is the founder of the DeWitt manufacture and inventor of the 400 models created in eleven years with the engineers and designers of the Research and Development department. His wife, Viviane DeWitt, former owner and manager of a Paris auction house, author of four books on art, including two on jewellers, joined the company in March 2012. Today the couple runs the manufacture in harmony with respect for values and men, in constant search for beauty, outstanding quality, and the most advanced horological innovations. DEWITT... FOR THE NEW EMPERORS Owning a DeWitt watch means entering a world of dignity, tradition and beauty. Jerome de Witt, the inventor of these watches is the descendant of emperors and kings in Europe, including such illustrious ancestors as the Emperor Napoleon and King Jerome of Westphalia, with the closest relative being King Leopold II of Belgium, his great-grandfather. Acquiring and possessing a DeWitt watch opens the door to this exclusive, privileged world, reserved for those who seek the last word in perfection, the ultimate luxury, the world of the new emperors, those men and women around the world who have succeeded.