Hautlence Luxury Watches

HAUTLENCE is known and acknowledged for its original concepts in reading time. It adopts a think tank approach and brings a new vision to the art of watchmaking, while respecting its traditions.


Hautlence: The Innovative, Rebellious Watchmaker

Brand Heritage


Hautlence Watch Brand History

HAUTLENCE adopts a think tank approach and brings a new vision to the art of watchmaking, while respecting its traditions. Since its creation in 2004, HAUTLENCE has been a brand in a league of its own. It plays with design codes just as it does with its name – an anagram of the city of Neuchâtel in tribute to the cradle of watchmaking and to its expertise. With surprising and sometimes unprecedented ways of reading the time, a powerful and easily identifiable design inspired by architectural principles, as well as a majority of in-house made calibres developed and crafted in its own Atelier, HAUTLENCE has earned within less than a decade the recognition of its peers, the trust of the most prestigious retailers, the enthusiasm of the most knowledgeable journalists, and a top spot on the wish list of collectors worldwide.


In 2012, its reputation was further strengthened by the arrival at the company helm of one of the industry’s most well-respected personalities, Georges-Henri Meylan. Together with brand Co-Founder Guillaume Tetu, they are currently writing one of the finest chapters in the history of alternative 21st century watchmaking, backed by a top-notch and highly motivated team and by the finest artisans of the region. HAUTLENCE is clearly going to make its mark on time. And on yours? The Atelier d’horlogerie contemporaine HAUTLENCE consists of watchmakers, designers and engineers, supported by the incredible watch industry talent from the Neuchâtel region. Its focus is to explore new avenues in time display. The research and development team is dedicated to creating exclusive, original and entirely in-house developed horological content, with all parts made by the best craftsmen from the region. Once assembled on the workbenches, all these components are meticulously checked one by one and then patiently assembled by a watchmaker; each timepiece is given its own soul. All are works of art designed and produced in limited numbers; HAUTLENCE watches are pieces of pure horological architecture.