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Carl F. Bucherer has been making watchmaking history as an independent traditional Swiss company for 130 years. Beautiful and innovative timepieces that epitomize quality, passion, and the utmost precision are born out of a rich heritage and a firm eye on the future. A long history of triumphs in watchmaking design and technology has led to Carl F. Bucherer's acceptance into the exclusive circle of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. This is a testament to the Lucerne watch manufacturer's continual endeavors to uphold the values of tradition watchmaking as as its outstanding craftsmanship and sophistication. Find a Carl F. Bucherer watch in one of our four boutique locations coast to coast.


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Carl F. Bucherer Supports Manta Trust

For the elegant giants of the oceans. Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer supports Manta Trust, a non-profit organization that conducts research to ...


Savoir-Faire Since 1888

Watchmaking Excellence Every timepiece that leaves Carl F. Bucherer’s manufacture is a miniature work of art. Hundreds of components seamlessl ...


What is the lifespan of a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece?

Your Carl F. Bucherer watch was designed to be a loyal timepiece that gives you many years of great reliability and pleasure from its outstanding quality. The life span of your watch is in your hands by taking excellent care and by servicing it regularly. Carl F. Bucherer guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of 20 years from the date production is discontinued.

Does Carl F. Bucherer have a service warranty?

Your Carl F. Bucherer was manufactured by our watchmakers with great care and according to the strictest quality guidelines. Should any defect of material or manufacture nevertheless appear, Carl f. Bucherer offers a warranty for a period of two years from date of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage resulting from improper treatment. The warranty is valid when fully completed by an official Carl F. Bucherer specialist dealer at the time of purchase. In case of damage, please contact your official Carl F. Bucherer specialist dealer or one of the official Carl F. Bucherer Service Centers. Please be sure to produce the fully completed warranty card with the watch.

What are the advantages and disadvantages comparing a quartz timepiece with an automatic timepiece?

Due to the varying demands of different watch wearers, each watch movement has its properties and advantages. Wearers of automatic timepieces demand more advanced, aesthetic and intricate technical features. Whereas wearers of timepieces with a quartz mechanism demand a watch with higher accuracy and appeal to watches with less robust dimensions.

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Our Heritage For Over 130 Years

“The surprising marriage of jeweler skills and watchmaker expertise is what made Carl F. Bucherer’s creations unique from the beginning.”

Brand Heritage


Carl F. Bucherer was founded in Lucerne in the year 1888. It is here in the heart of Switzerland that swiss entrepeneur Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened his first shop selling watches and jewelry. He created timepieces that combined extravagance with aesthetic appeal, and his name rapidly became a synonym for high-quality products, tradition, and innovation. The first shop has since grown into a successful international luxury watch brand. It has became internationally renowned for skillfully combining the highest levels of watchmaking expertise with an unmistakeable style that exudes exquisite refinement.


Carl F. Bucherer today is one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers that is still owned by its founding family. The brand is deeply connected to the cosmopolitan spirit of Lucerne. The claim "Made of Lucerne" is more than a tribute to the brand's origins, it captures the essence of Carl F. Bucherer, which embodies Swiss watchmaking excellence paired with unique design and groundbreaking technological innovation.



130 Years of Sophistication

Carl F. Bucherer celebrates its anniversary Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri presented the new Heritage Tourbillon DoublePeripheral Limited Edition ...


Carl F. Bucherer: Only Watch 2019

Time for a good cause Carl F. Bucherer is proud to be a supporter of the Only Watch charity auction for the third consecutive time. Proceeds from the ...


The Exquisite Retro Style Manero Flyback

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