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Family-owned and independent, NORQAIN is a watch brand that dares to go its own way. Based in Nidau (Biel/Bienne), at the heart of Swiss watchmaking, we’re driven by the excitement that comes with exploring the road less travelled.


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NORQAIN is a fully independent, family-owned Swiss watch company located in Nidau (Bienne) in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. The company is led by CEO and founder Ben Küffer. He has 11 years of international experience in the watch industry. His father, Marc Küffer is the Chairman of the Board and has more than 45 years of experience in the manufacturing of luxury watches. Mark Streit, former NHL player and Ted Schneider, the son of the watch legend Théodore Schneider are also members of the Board of Directors. The three collections Adventure, Freedom and Independence – are exclusively equipped with mechanical automatic movements. A NORQAIN is a high-quality watch produced in Switzerland with a strong design and a striking uniqueness. Every timepiece is handcrafted with unconditional attention to detail.A NORQAIN is the perfect companion for every life moment. Discovering different places, experiencing crazy adventures and celebrating personal achievements. Be a NORQAINER – your life, your way