Fiona Kruger Luxury Watches

The unique combination of Fiona’s artistic practice with her chosen discipline, watchmaking, means that her avant-garde timepieces are instantly recognizable and rich in horological heritage. Through her collaborative approach, she is able to partner with the best independent artisans and manufacturers in Switzerland to bring to life her creations, whilst simultaneously highlighting her partners’ incredible talent. Westime has boutique stores in Miami, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and La Jolla (San Diego). Contact us today to find your Fiona Krueger timepiece.

Brand Heritage


Fiona Kruger Watch Brand History

The synonymous themes of “time” and “mortality”, which have played an important role in watchmaking since the 1400’s, inspired Fiona to develop her iconic SKULL collection, launched in 2013. The skull itself is an internationally recognised symbol, en¬grained in the history of watchmaking. Drawing inspiration from the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots, the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and beautifully decorated skeleton movements found in today’s luxury watches. Fiona’s artistic re-interpretation of the skull symbol has resulted in a unique timepiece collection which transcends cultural divides, inspired by the rich heritage of horological history and the Arts. Collaboration is key to Fiona’s work. She has a passion for craftsmanship and believes finding the right people to produce her watches is as important as the design itself. Fiona partners with suppliers and artisans who are looking for a distinctive, per¬sonal and poetic approach to watch design, each one a leader in their specific discipline and keen to push the boundaries of this traditional industry. All of Fiona’s production partners are based in Switzerland - the heart of the watchmaking industry. From the mechanical precision of the movements she uses, to the handstitching of her bracelets, the passion and savoir-faire of each of Fiona’s carefully selected production partners helps bring her creations to life. Each one of Fiona’s watches has been made by the best artisans in Switzerland, especially for her clients.