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URWERK specializes in unconventional ways of indicating the time. The complex mechanisms, interactive features and imaginative designs of URWERK’s contemporary watchmaking are found nowhere else today. Shop URWERK watches in our boutique locations in Miami near Miami Beach, Hollywood in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive and La Jolla north of San Diego.


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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away... GENEVA - MAY 4, 2020 ...a spark shot out of the ether. Radio telescopes reveal th ...


Introducing the AMC

For almost a decade, URWERK has been engaged in the uphill task of pushing the limits of mechanical possibilities to make progress in precisio ...

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“We began essentially as a core group of artists who wanted to interpret time differently. We were not businessmen. It was extremely risky because we had no idea how our watches would be accepted.”

Felix Baumgartner & Martin Frei, Co-Creators of URWERK

Brand Heritage


URWERK Watch Brand History

URWERK – A new perspective to Haute Horlogerie Founded in 1997 by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, URWERK is the result of a strongly held be-lief that the history of Fine Watchmaking is a constantly changing art. Felix Baumgartner, a watchmaker like his father and grandfather, has time running through his veins. A graduate from the Schaffhausen watchmaking school, Felix learned the secret language of minute-repeaters, tourbillons and perpetual calendars at his father’s bench. Martin Frei is the artistic counterweight to his partner’s technical expertise. Accepted into the Lucerne’s college of art and design in 1987, Martin delved into every form of visual artistic expression from painting and sculpture to video, emerging as a mature artist. | The two men met by chance and discovered a common fascination with the measurement of time, spending hours analysing the gap between the watches they saw in the shops and the vision of their future creation. The wandering hour has since formed the basis for URWERK’s astonishing 103 watch and the latest models, the UR-105 TA and the UR-210. They all feature highly original design, advanced watchmaking techniques and new concepts. URWERK means “original accomplishment,” and Ur of the Chaldees, in Mesopotamia, is where the Sumeri-ans first observed the concurrence of the heavenly bodies with the seasons, and so developed the first measurements of time.



URWERK Presents The UR-220 SL “Asimov”

LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT      Geneva – 30 June 2021. Night finally enfolds the city. It is at this precise moment that the UR-220 SL ...


URWERK UR 100V T-Rex: Waiting To Be Tamed

Geneva, January 19, 2021. T-Rex is the name given to the latest iteration of Urwerk’s UR-100 collection. It carries both Urwerk’s genome in it ...


URWERK’s UR-100 V Iron: bare and brilliant

Geneva, November 11, 2020. URWERK has added a new watch to its UR-100 series. The UR-100V Iron comes cased in steel and titanium, monochrome and unad ...


URWERK’S UR-220: Birth of a new collection

Geneva, October 20, 2020   The collection of UR-220 watches has taken off. The initial version in carbon has now been joined by a new model the ...