Cat’s Eye Day & Night High Jewellery

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The Cat’s Eye collection is one of the most loyal ambassadors of ladies’ watches. Following the example of women themselves, it has never stopped refining its appearance; underlining a character trait, modifying a tiny detail of its appeal, subtly perfecting the curves of its silhouette.


Girard-Perregaux predestines enchanting version of the Cat’s Eye Night and Day to a charmed life by transforming it for the very first time into a High Jewellery interpretation. Above and beyond the metamorphosis highlighting the fairytale sparkle of diamonds, this new creation tells its very own story. Once upon a time, there was a watch, developed in keeping with the finest watchmaking traditions, which propelled the woman wearing it into a maze of spectacular beauty. How can she find her way? Girard-Perregaux offers the key!

  • Product Type


  • Case

    18K White Gold

  • Diameter


  • Dial

    Blue, Diamonds

  • Functions

    Day/Night Indicator, Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Small Seconds

  • Movement


  • Bracelet/Strap


  • Water Resistance
WARRANTY We guarantee your watch against any lack of conformity and against any defect due to the materials used for a period of two years from the purchase date. If during this period your timepiece were to exhibit one of these defects, we are committed to repairing it free of charge. Once the warranty period has expired, repairs will be invoiced for parts and labor.
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How can I take care of my watch?

GP timepieces are designed to accompany several generations. To guarantee the longevity of your heirloom and to keep your watch in perfect working order, we recommend that you submit for periodic maintenance services, to be conducted exclusively in an authorised GP service centre, every three to five years.

What is the story of the Laureato watch?

First presented in 1975, the Laureato is a true gem of sporting elegance. This seductive, daring and innovative watch is easily identifiable.The Laureato owes its name to its first certified chronometer versions. Now an authentic legend, the Laureato combines apparently irreconcilable qualities and revels in playing with paradoxes.

What is Girard Perregaux’s sustainability policy?

Girard-Perregaux is part of the sustainable development policy initiated by the Kering Group, owner of the Brand. Girard-Perregaux manufactures its timepieces respecting the stringent criteria of Swiss Haute Horlogerie but also in the most sustainable manner. The Brand commitment to environmental and social responsibility is one of the predominant factors in the Brand’s development strategy.

How do I make sure my Girard-Perregaux watch has not been damaged by water?

For water resistant models, it is advisable to have an annual check, in order to test their water resistance. You should also check it if the case had been opened, or the watch had sustained a major shock. Additionally, it is advisable not to operate the function controls under water, or as long as the watch is wet.

What type of warranty does Girard-Perregaux offer?

Girard-Perregaux offers a 2-year warranty on all watches, against any lack of conformity or any defect. To benefit from this guarantee, you must present a copy of the guarantee certificate, duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by an authorized dealer or distributor.

Where can I buy vintage Girard-Perregaux watches?

All Westime locations carry Girard-Perregaux timepieces, and you can find out on our website where you can see the watch you desire in person. Stop by any of our California locations, including Westime Beverly Hills, Westime Sunset, and Westime La Jolla, as well as our Florida location, Westime Miami.

The Quest For Excellence

The Quest For Excellence

For over two centuries, our watches have marked far more than time. They reflect our ability to bridge between the past and future. Between technical mastery and iconic design. Between functionality and aesthetics. Our name itself is born from a union, the marriage between Constant Girard and Marie Perregaux.

Brand Heritage

Girard Perregaux Watch Brand History

Girard Perregaux Watch Brand History

Founded in 1791, Girard-Perregaux is one of the oldest fine watchmaking manufactures still in operation . This year, the company celebrates its 230th anniversary, a fitting testament to the brand’s watchmaking expertise, appreciated by those “in the know”. Indeed, the firm’s history is dotted with exceptional creations that skilfully blend aesthetics and functionality. These models include the iconic Laureato, born in 1975, as well as the legendary Tourbillon ‘With Three Gold Bridges,’ a watch that made the invisible visible, transforming bridges from just a technical element to an integral part of the timepiece - a first in watchmaking. Girard-Perregaux’s place at the vanguard of horological innovation is confirmed by over one hundred recorded patents together with numerous prizes and distinctions. It remains one of the few watchmakers to retain Manufacture status for over two centuries by mastering all the required horological skills in-house and making watches infused with a notable degree of authenticity. While Girard-Perregaux respects its heritage, it continues to look ahead, embracing new technologies, state of the art materials, and fresh takes on iconic shapes. Girard-Perregaux is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in luxury apparel.