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Greubel Forsey's creations are a symbiosis of highly technical and artistic elements inevitably arising from this hybridization.

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Art of Invention

We are sculptors of time, choreographers of the passing hours and architects of watch movement – with a screwdriver for a brush, a propelling-pencil for a quill, and steel or gold as our supports.

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Brand Heritage

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One common denominator of all Greubel Forsey's inventions, besides their sublime beauty, is that they all reliably improve timekeeping precision. The 'Double Tourbillon 30°', Greubel Forsey's first invention, features two tourbillons, one rotating inside the other. In the second invention, four asynchronous tourbillons independently contribute to the extremely high accuracy of the 'Quadruple Tourbillon The third fundamental invention, the 'Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incliné, masters positional errors using a single ultra-light inclined tourbillon cage rotating with high angular velocity.

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Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been working together for nearly 20 years in a relationship founded on their shared technical creativity and quest for perfection. In 1999 they began working on a new generation of tourbillon specifically designed to improve the timekeeping of the mechanical watch. Four years later they unveiled "Greubel Forsey" and stunned horological aficionados with their innovative Double Tourbillon 30°, a timepiece clearly demonstrating their twin goals of innovation and excellence. Greubel Forsey's finished inventions are the result of years of stringent development and exhaustive testing.

Art of Invention

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    Greubel Forsey, Mechanical Nano, Major Project


    After a decade of fundamental research, Greubel Forsey is writing a new chapter in watchmaking history by exploring the universe of Mechanical Nano. This allows us to free ourselves of existing spatial and energy constraints.

    Greubel Forsey, The Beauty of the Invisible, Luxury Watch, Fine Watchmaking


    To understand the philosophy underpinning a Greubel Forsey timepiece, it is imperative to have first glimpsed the beauty of the tiny components that become invisible once the movement is assembled, to have observed the care with which they have been crafted, polished and enhanced.


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