HM10 Bulldog TI

Ref: 100.TL.BL

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Introducing the HM10 Bulldog TI (100.TL.BL), a captivating blend of Grade 5 titanium with dimensions measuring 54 x 45 x 24 mm. This horological masterpiece mirrors the distinctive traits of its namesake, boasting a rounded titanium body, two prominent aluminum time-display "eyes," and a collar with projections for winding and time adjustment. The stout yet flexible "legs" wrap securely around the wrist. True to its canine inspiration, the hinged jaws reveal the mainspring's energy, with rows of shining teeth indicating a full 45-hour charge. Engraved advice warns, "Forget the dog, beware of the owner," symbolizing the Bulldog's loyal service. A tribute to MB&F's unconventional journey, the HM10 Bulldog TI embodies fidelity and distinctive design.
  • Case


  • Diameter

    See Description

  • Dial


  • Functions

    Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve

  • Movement

    Manual Winding

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After decades conforming to the rules of corporate watchmaking, Maximilian Büsser broke the chains and started a rebellion in 2005; a rebellion called MB&F – Maximilian Büsser & Friends.

Brand Heritage

MB&F Watch Brand History

MB&F Watch Brand History

Maximilian Büsser started his rebellious move in the world of fine watchmaking in 2005, deciding to go against all rules of traditional, corporate watchmaking. He wanted to create something so utterly different that they wouldn’t even be called watches, they’d be called Machines. Despite the futuristic designs of the brands, Maximilian Büsser’s concept was about warmth, and friends, a concept that ran so deep, it’s part of the brand’s name: Maximilian Büsser & Friends. The artistic concept was based around the simple idea of developing radical horological masterpieces. The desire was never to disrespect tradition, and the long, imposing heritage of haute horlogerie, but rather to reinterpret it, to bring it to modern times, and take it even further, into the future. In 2007, MB&F unveils its first Horological Machine, HM1, a record breaker in the world of luxury watches, followed by new, revolutionary models each and every year.