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MB&F LAB Beverly Hills

MB&F LAB: Mechanical Art and Luxury Watches on Rodeo Drive

In the heart of Beverly Hills' renowned Rodeo Drive, the MB&F LAB emerges as a distinctive space where luxury seamlessly intersects with style. This section explores the concept behind this thoughtfully curated capsule, transcending the conventional boundaries of a traditional boutique. Delve into the world of avant-garde timepieces, creative clocks, and music boxes co-created with L'Epée 1839 and Reuge. Discover how the MB&F LAB, nestled within this unique space, goes beyond being a mere boutique—it is a meeting place where the realms of art and engineering converge, creating a source of wonder for those who enter.

Since 2011, MB&F has been operating in this unique horological space called the M.A.D.Gallery, which brings together lovers of mechanical art in a few rare places around the world. From the artisanal to the experimental, the idea of the M.A.D.Gallery has matured to give life to a new type of retail space called the MB&F Lab.

Find out more about the MB&F Lab—and the lifestyle, mechanical art and luxury watches. Visit us in the Beverly Hills watch boutique today.

Phone number:
(310) 299-1999

216 North Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hours of Operation:

Tues-Sat: 10am - 6pm


Valet Parking

Free 2-hour Parking

Espresso Bar

The Architectural Identity of the MB&F LAB: A White Gallery Canvas on Rodeo Drive

Explore the interior of the MB&F LAB, adorned in a white, gallery-like aesthetic, serving as the canvas for the brand's new architectural identity. This section delves into the unique features of the LAB, including the striking blue lens and curved glass domes arranged on custom-made tripods. Departing from traditional display cases, the LAB showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of MB&F's creations. Uncover the design elements, such as neo-vintage tables and furniture specially created for the LAB, contributing to a contemporary yet timeless ambiance that sets it apart in the world of luxury watches and art.

Westime's Role in the MB&F LAB's Significance

MB&F's enduring partnership with Westime, established in 2005, has played a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of horological innovation. As one of the first six retailers to believe in Max Büsser's visionary project, Westime has been an integral part of MB&F's journey, even partially financing their initial creations. The opening of the MB&F LAB in Los Angeles signifies a new chapter in this significant collaboration. Explore the intersection of luxury and innovation by visiting our Beverly Hills watch boutique today. Experience the culmination of 18 years of dedication, creativity, and collaboration at the MB&F Lab, where art and engineering converge in extraordinary timepieces.

Max Büsser explains: “In November 2005, when I stumbled into John Simonian’s office with a piece of plastic vaguely resembling our first creation (HM1), hoping he would order and partially pre-finance a few pieces, I never, in my wildest dreams, thought we would open the Beverly Hills MB&F LAB on Rodeo Drive together one day. Exactly 18 years later, this actually happened! This MB&F LAB is as much a testament to our unflinching drive to create (21 calibers in 18 years!) as to the journey with the Simonian family and Westime team.

Discover the unique fusion of MB&F and Westime – a testament to a shared commitment to excellence. Your luxury lifestyle awaits at the heart of Beverly Hills.

MB&F LAB in Beverly Hills as an Immersive Experience

MB&F LAB in Beverly Hills as more than just a destination for timepiece enthusiasts. It's an immersive experience where mechanical art and luxury horology intersect. Explore the invitation to push open the door to this extraordinary space on Rodeo Drive and discover a world where time becomes an art form, curated with precision and passion. Learn about the showcase of over 20 remarkable calibers that form the base of groundbreaking creations, from the three-dimensional sculpted case of HM1 to historically inspired Legacy Machines. Explore how MB&F alternates between contemporary, unconventional Horological Machines and classical yet innovative Legacy Machines. visitors will a unique journey into the future of horological excellence.

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