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Roland Iten Mark II Mechanical Credit Card Holder

Roland Iten has announced the release of the Mark II Mechanical credit card holder with new patent-pending “re-coil” card dispensing mechanism

The RCD 82 Mark II Mechanically Performing Credit Card Holder is an evolution of the RCD81 Mark I version invented and released by Roland Iten in 2007. It houses the same patented sorting lever which cascades up to six of your most important credit cards for easy handling and collapses them back inside the case with the same one-handed action. The main difference between the Mark II and its predecessor, however, is the manner in which the sorting lever is activated. Rather than using a calibrated trigger mechanism to propel the lever, the Mark II version employs a spring steel, tension-controlled recoil mechanism. Two 5N red gold push buttons are located on either side of the sleek case and when pushed simultaneously with the thumb and middle finger, discharges the internal carriage. The index finger slides the internal carriage 45 degrees, setting into motion the sorting lever to cascade the cards up and out of the carriage for easy handling. When the index finger is released, the carriage rebounds automatically back into the carriage via the powerful spring-steel recoil mechanism located on the backside of the holder. The entire smooth one-handed operation is completed in a matter of seconds. 100% made in Switzerland on watch-making machinery and with haute horlogerie level fine finishing, another new feature of this precision instrument is the sapphire glass windows framed in 5N red gold which are placed strategically on the titanium front plate to allow an easy view of the credit cards inside. The aluminium back plate is ultra light and its supple density makes it an ideal material for the beautiful engravings it encompasses, complimenting perfectly, the aesthetically pleasing recoil mechanism which is the main feature on the backside of the holder. Purveyors of luxury will appreciate the elegant beauty of this cardholder further enhanced through a contradiction of satin and polished surfaces. The RCD82 is not just a pretty face, however, since the titanium and aluminium surfaces protect the credit cards inside against bending or damage and offers extra protection in shielding radio waves-- an important security consideration to safeguard private and credit card information from wireless card readers. RCD82 MARK II Features: • Series Issue: 41 in Natural Titanium/Aluminium with 5N red gold / 41 in Black Titanium/Aluminium with 5N red gold • Materials: 5N red gold with titanium & aluminium frame & spring-steel recoil. • Total Weight: 135 grams • Total Weight of gold: 17 grams 5N Red Gold • Lightweight • Easily operated with one hand RCD82 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: • Number of components: 84 • 29 individual • Patented six-position sorting lever • Patent-pending inox-reinforced, tension-controlled recoil mechanism. • Haute Horlogerie level fine finishing • Self-locking security mechanism and integrated hinge cover • Price ex Switzerland: 18’500 Swiss francs (excluding shipping and taxes) • Origin of Manufacture: 100% SUISSE • Evolution: 2nd Edition