A Tribute to Feminity

The woman according to Valérie Messika

Valérie Messika’s jewels encourage women to become what they are: brilliant, free, sensual, sparkling and more. A woman who is modern, confident in herself, who chooses the diamond as an everyday companion as well as to mark the most beautiful occasions in her life.


The Icon

What does she look like? What is her power? Icons raise an endless list of questions, none of which bring us any closer to understanding the woman under that veil of eternal mystery. Often imitated but never equaled, legend is built around a small gesture, an electrifying look, an intrepid and singular allure.

To adorn these women, Valérie Messika has created four collections of signature pieces that she regularly revisits. The first line in the story is the Move and its free-moving diamonds, in a piece re-imagined in different sizes for unique layering.

A trilogy symbolizing yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s love.


The Minimalist

Less is more. A voyage to the heart of the diamond starts here, with a rough sketch that will eventually become the purity of design. The finesse of a line of diamonds next to the skin. With the diamond as her constant, Valérie Messika works to streamline her pieces ever further, culminating in the Skinny.

Stripped bare of fussy detail, the bold lines of Messika jewelry confidently trace the contours of barely perceptible supporting structures.

A stoke of diamond light that holds the power to electrify a silhouette, with the very essence of chic.


Messika’s Woman

Mysterious, audacious, iconic, or minimalist: Valérie Messika finds inspiration in women’s singularity and the self-assurance with which they pass from one facet of their personalities to another. Radically different, yet so similar, each woman has a gesture, a charm, an enigmatic look or an elegance that can carry the world along in her wake.


The Bold

For impassioned – and passionate – women, experts in the clash of contrasts, who flirt with the furthest reaches of impertinence and choose their jewelry as markers of independence.

For modern-day amazons who look to the rock-chick energy of women like Kate Moss and the audacity of Marilyn Monroe, Messika pushes technical boundaries.

Influenced by the vibrant energy of the city, Messika’s neo-jewelry makes for contemporary parures for all these women.


The Enigma

A knowing blend of strength and delicacy, Messika diamond lacework holds the secret to the feminine mystery at its heart, for women who exude the kind of confident sensuality that fascinates all who cross her path.

Friend or foe? Only she knows the significance of the precious amulet, tattoo-like at her wrist. All that remains is to try her luck at the games of love and fate.