The Top High-End Watches For 2020

Westime is highlighting 6 of the most high-end watches for 2020.

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Christophe Claret Layla

Tribute to the romanticism of Arabic poets

Layla is a variation of Margot, the first Christophe Claret complication specifically developed for women, suffused with oriental colors in a 20-piece limited series.

The natural pink mother-of-pearl dial reveals engraved verses penned by the Arab poet, Qays Al Mulawwah. The poem from which these excerpts are taken tells the story of a young Bedouin poet, whose lifeless body is discovered protecting a final poem dedicated to his lovely cousin Layla, promised to another suitor.

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MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 Blue

MB&F celebrates the pioneering works of past masters and complications with Legacy Machine No.2.

Suspended high above the dial, the double “flying” balances are in fact the most visible parts of two fully independent regulating systems, each beating at its own rate. The planetary differential sits proud of the surface, supported by a stunning double-arc mirror-polished bridge. The complex differential is the key element in the double regulator system: the rates are averaged out by the mechanism, which drives the blued gold hour and minute hands of the white stretched-lacquer sub dial. To make things just a bit more complicated, the two flying balances and their escapements are identical mirror images, right down to the position of the stud holders pinning their balance springs.


The MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 Blue is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime Iron

The UR-100 takes us on a journey through both time and space, merging two concepts at the very core of URWERK. The UR-100 SpaceTime features URWERK’s iconic satellite display, differing in one significant way. After minute pointers on the hour satellites disappear, they pass between subsidiary dials to display astronomical indications: distance travelled on Earth and distance travelled by Earth.


The URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime Iron is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


HYT H1.0 Blue

The H1.0 is empowered by three-dimensional transparency. Viewed from any angle it takes an architectural approach to visualizing the passage of time, placing the present in the context of the past and future, using liquids. All elements of the specially developed skeletonized mechanical movement collaborate closely to form the big picture of pure functionality. From the clearly visible power reserve display, to the constructed wheel that indicates the flow of the seconds, time is in perpetual motion. Positive energy emerges from a series of visible tensions, such as the shaping of the steeply curved case and the clipped lines of the bellows’ extractors. Even the side-view of the watch tells the story of time’s passage via cut-out digits embedded in the deep grooves of the case‘s exterior.

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Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain

Greubel Forsey pairs the launch of the Balancier Contemporain with this diamond set edition becoming a sparkling sculpture where mother-of-pearl dials underline its elegance. This lustrous new creation stands out like the Balancier Contemporain for its compact size and its exclusive balance wheel system. Its unique proportions are enhanced by the brilliance radiance of the diamonds where the bezel, case band, lugs and crown are all invisibly set with the finest IF / D-E quality baguette-cut diamonds.

The Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


DeBethune DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon

In honour of the colour blue, a fundamental element of its identity, De Bethune presents a monochromatic range of its iconic model the DB28 Tourbillon. Radical and magnetic, the colour is created by an artisanal and natural treatment of the metals.

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