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Watches That Are Out Of This World!

Westime is highlighting 6 of the most extravagant watches that are out of this world!

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Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Perpertual Calendar

An astronomical watch par excellence, this perpetual calendar model features a dark blue aventurine dial and subdials recalling a star-lit sky. Aventurine glass was created in the 17th century thanks to a chance manipulation (“all’avventura”) in a Murano glass factory when copper filings were dropped into cooling molten glass, creating a constellation of sparkling particles. Today, this glass is obtained by introducing black copper oxide and cobalt that give the blue colour to the glass. The pink gold case, hands and applied hour-markers enrich the deep blue sparkling constellation of the aventurine dial.

The dial’s starry particles resonate with the moon indication at 6 o’clock. A photographic image of the moon is reproduced through laser engraving and applied on an aventurine disc that subtly matches the design of the dial. The astronomical moon serves to diminish the daily display error. Thanks to this function, adjustment is required once every 122 years and 108 days.

In addition to providing the astronomical moon indication at 6 o’clock, the perpetual calendar indicates the day number and week day at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively, the month at 12 o’clock, the week numbers on the lacquered blue inner bezel, as well as the hours and minutes.

The Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Perpertual Calendar is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


Girard Perregaux Bridges Cosmos

A new dialogue between earth and sky, between matter and space, between the visible and the invisible. Two complete globes – celestial and terrestrial – serve to mirror a fusional moment that we experience the Cosmos. Revealing an unknown world, in turn, the signs of the zodiac pass through this miniature firmament, as the earth rotates daily. Like the sky, the watch has two faces: day and night.

Within the galaxy of new Girard-Perregaux launches, Cosmos vibrates on a separate wavelength. Stemming from the Bridges collection, the piece highlighted by the brand in 2019 is anything but nebulous. It reveals the hidden portions of the night sky and glows with a black light. The centrepiece of the "Earth to Sky" theme, this watch with tourbillon, sky chart and world time complications is composed of mechanical particles and poetic paradoxes.

The Girard-Perregaux Bridges Cosmos is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


Urwerk UR-CC1

“Physicists tell us that time can be stretched with the circular cycles of the days, seasons and years. But I am intrigued that time can be ordered, even straitjacketed, to flow in a linear direction. And, because this can represent an individual’s lifeline, I feel that this linear format can be a very human way to look at time.” – Martin Frei, Co-Founder of URWERK

The UR-CC1 is a timeless creation and the fruit of multiple inspirations: the talented and avant-garde watchmaker Louis Cottier (1894-1966); a reflexion on the myriad dimensions of time; and even fond reminiscences of the linear instrument panels found on some old American cars.

The URWERK UR-CC1 is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


Christophe Claret X-TREM-1

X-TREM-1, the first of a new generation of timepieces, represents a major technical and aesthetic accomplishment: a flying tourbillon inclined at a 30° angle, mounted on a three-dimensional curvex titanium mainplate, equipped with a retrograde hours and minutes display system that is radically different from existing watchmaking conventions. Two tiny hollowed steel spheres, isolated within sapphire tubes on the left and right sides of the caseband magically move with no mechanical connection thanks to magnetic fields.

X for Experimental
T for Time
R for Research
E for Engineering
M for Mechanism

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With its biomorphic curves, animated spheres, 'winking' eye and beating heart, HM6 is our most organic machine to date.

In each of the four corners of HM6’s biomorphic case is a 360° sphere, capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire crystal domes. Up forward, two spheres rotate vertically respectively displaying hours and minutes. Back aft, the twin spherical turbines spin, regulating the automatic winding system to reduce stress and wear.

The transparent cupola on top houses a flying tourbillon and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sophisticated engine inside. The sapphire crystal display portal on the back reveals more of the 475 finely finished components making up the highly complex movement, which required over three years of development. The sapphire crystal plates of the HM6-SV and Alien Nation editions offer even more comprehensive views − top and bottom − to the movement within.

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DeWitt Concept WX-1

WX-1, both a Watch Concept and an objet d’art, highlights the creativity of the House of DeWitt which is celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2008. This exceptional creation embodies a range of cultural values merging design, futurism, sophisticated construction of its various elements, and an original interpretation of time readoff. Time and Creation, mental architecture and spatial construction, united in a vision of tomorrow… Representing a daring wager on the future, this pure multidimensional concept offers an entirely new vision of what we refer to as watchmaking.

Carrying references to planes, cars, speedboats and contemporary art, the overall architecture of this model makes it a totally modern and truly multicultural object. The daring formal design features are matched by an exceptional and indeed world-first mechanical construction that completely dissociates the displays from the mechanism driving them.

An authentic machine representing several contemporary worlds, the pulsating heart of the WX-1 is equipped with a vertical flying tourbillon with a carriage performing one revolution per minute and visible through a cylindrical “chimney” located on the back of the case.

The DeWitt Concept WX-1 is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.