Blancpain Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Fifty Fathoms Diver’s Watch

Blancpain’s iconic Fifty Fathoms diver’s watch reaches a significant milestone in its 70th anniversary year with the introduction of “Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3.” This limited-edition model draws inspiration from the MIL-SPEC version, a preferred choice of the main armed forces of its era.


In this special release, Blancpain offers a limited edition of 555 pieces, featuring the trademark moisture indicator. Staying true to its original design, the Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 maintains a 41.30 mm diameter and is crafted from 9K Bronze Gold.

The Fifty Fathoms watch owes its creation to a transformative moment in Blancpain’s history. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, co-CEO and avid diver, faced a life-altering experience while diving in Cannes, France. Running out of air during a dive led him to recognize the pressing need for a timepiece tailored to the demands of scuba diving. This experience inspired the birth of the Fifty Fathoms, the world’s first true diver’s watch.

The 1953 model introduced key elements such as self-winding mechanisms, resistance to magnetism, water resistance to at least 10 bar, and XXL luminescent hour-markers for enhanced legibility. Patented features like the double watertight seal on the crown, the caseback sealing system, and the lockable rotating bezel made it a groundbreaking timepiece. The watch’s functions, features, and performance made it the choice for combat divers in several main armed forces, including France, Germany, the United States, and Norway.


fifty fathoms 5901 42.3mm


Jean-Jacques Fiechter’s innovations extended to the development of a moisture indicator in the 1950s. This indicator, which appeared on MIL-SPEC watches in 1957, confirmed that the watch remained undamaged from prior missions, adding an extra layer of safety. The US Navy recognized this model as the only one meeting its strict criteria for underwater missions. “Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3” pays homage to this remarkable history.

Blancpain’s latest release underlines the brand’s legacy in crafting superior diving timepieces and commemorates seven decades of innovation and excellence.