Top Space Inspired Watches

Space Inspired Watches

Westime is highlighting 6 of the most eye-catching space inspired watches and clocks.

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Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Speedmaster is one of OMEGA’s most iconic timepieces, having been a part of all six moon landings. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 1969, OMEGA presents this Limited Edition model of 6,969 pieces.

The watch includes a 42 mm case in stainless steel with a polished 18K Moonshine™ Gold bezel. The bezel ring is polished black ceramic [ZrO2] with an OMEGA Ceragold™ tachymeter scale. There is a varnished grey and black dial with all indexes and hands in 18K Moonshine™ Gold – except the central chronograph seconds hand, which is PVD-coated in Moonshine Gold. A unique hour marker is positioned at 11 o’clock, and there is a distinctive 9 o’clock subdial in 18K Moonshine™ Gold with a laser-engraved image of Buzz Aldrin climbing down onto the lunar surface.

The NAIAD LOCK caseback reveals numerous engravings, while a laser-engraved astronaut’s footprint is positioned on a medallion under the sapphire crystal. 18K Moonshine™ Gold-plated lettering includes the quote: “THAT’S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN” and “ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND”.

The watch is presented on a polished-brushed metallic bracelet and comes with an additional Velcro strap with black-coated cork. Inside, it is powered by the OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 3861.

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The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Celestial

The Cat’s Eye collection is one of the most loyal ambassadors of ladies’ watches. Following the example of women themselves, it has never stopped refining its appearance; underlining a character trait, modifying a tiny detail of its appeal, subtly perfecting the curves of its silhouette.

The deep blue of the glittering aventurine dial, recalling a night sky full of stars, contrasts with the delicate hand-polished and guilloché mother-of-pearl elements of the Cat’s Eye Celestial. The smooth & large moon-phase disc has a 8,9 mm diameter and makes a complete rotation in 59 days. To complete this very dressy timepiece, the watch is fastened with a midnight-blue alligator strap.

The see-through case-back reveals the reliable in-house manufactured movement made of 240 components and the oscillating weight delicately engraved with “GP” logos forming a decorative pattern.


Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Celestial


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DeBethune DB25 Starry Varius Chronomètre Tourbillon

De Bethune revisits the tourbillon as an authentic wristworn regulator, an historical breakthrough in the evolution of mechanical watches. This masterpiece is revealed only on the back of the watch, to genuine connoisseurs capable of comprehending its passionately subtle features, and also of appreciating the inner power and beauty of the starry sky, along with the evocation of the most famous 18th century clocks through the hour and minute ring in a sterling silver that is destined to acquire a sublime patina over the years.

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The DeBethune DB25 Starry Varius Chronomètre Tourbillon is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


MB&F + Reuge MusicMachine 2 Black

With its spaceship-like design, rock and sci-fi melodies and innovative resonance soundboard, MusicMachine 2 boldly goes where no music box has gone before. Underneath its futuristic guise, MusicMachine 2 features all the traditional elements of a beautifully-crafted, high-end music box made by Reuge.

MusicMachine 2 is powered by two independent movements mounted on the starship’s tail section. Each cylinder plays three melodies: themes from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Star Trek on one ‘channel’; Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, The Rolling Stones’ Angie and The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go? on the other.

The MB&F + Reuge MusicMachine 2 Black is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.


MB&F Moonmachine 2 Black TI

MoonMachine 2 is the second collaboration between MB&F and Stepan Sarpaneva: a horological creation that occupies the same elusive space as moonlight, somewhere between illusion and reality. MoonMachine 2 brings us the world’s first projected moonphase display.

MoonMachine 2 comes housed in the case of Horological Machine Nº8. The stripped-down case construction of HM8 emphasised the illusory nature of the projected hours and minutes, and MoonMachine 2 uses the same mechanism to highlight the visual impact of a moon disc.

The projection is accomplished via an optical prism, which refracts vertically the hours, minutes and moon discs. A pusher on the side alows quick and easy adjustment of the moonphase display.

The battleaxe rotor of HM8 has been transformed into an openworked radial web of titanium with Sarpaneva’s signature golden moon, and the sapphire crystal pane has been metallised in a similar pattern.

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MB&F + L’EPÉE 1839 Destination Moon Green

Conceived by MB&F and built by L’Epée 1839, Destination Moon is the quintessential torpedo-shaped rocket of childhood dreams.

Developed specifically for Destination Moon, the architecture of L’Epée’s eight-day movement follows the basic engineering of a real spaceship. Power in a rocket comes from its base and the power for Destination Moon comes from the oversized winding crown in its base. The control systems of a rocket are above the power source and the same holds true for Destination Moon, which has a vertical regulator underneath the time display, as well as a time-setting knob at the top of the movement. That regulator with its animated balance is protected from cosmic radiation (and curious fingers) by a small panel of virtually invisible mineral glass. Hours and minutes are displayed by large, white numerals on stainless steel disks.

And there’s Neil: a smile inducing, space-suited figurine forged in solid silver and stainless steel, magnetically attached to the ladder connecting the crown to the movement. Neil imparts a childlike sense of wonder by putting Man into the Machine.

The MB&F + L’EPÉE 1839 Destination Moon Green is not currently displayed on our site, please visit one of our stores to see it in person.