Visions of the future: HYT and Brillantine Pictures project the future of watchmaking discovery.

HYT announces today a major partnership with the Swiss agency, a prelude to spectacular new projects. A showcase of the future vision shared by Davide Cerrato, CEO and creative director of HYT, and Brian Tornay, director and founder of Brillantine Pictures. Presented in Geneva in March 2022, the new HYT Moon Runner watch was unveiled thanks to a 3D projection mapping designed by Brillantine Pictures. Much more than a classic “showcase”, this visualization module prefigures a revolution in the way of discovering the fine watchmaking of the future.

In 2022, HYT has entered into an original and unusual collaboration with the Swiss agency Brillantine Pictures to develop revolutionary projects for the presentation and visualization of its innovative timepieces.

The visualization module designed by Brillantine Picture, with its exclusive and innovative 3D projection device, was very much noticed in Geneva during the unveiling of the new HYT Moon Runner watch. This spacecraft-like capsule, with its unique and innovative video mapping system, can be used to animate the timepiece, in particular to show its technical features such as an unprecedented visualization of the Moon in volume. But this equipment also makes it possible to go much further, by presenting the creative universe and inspirations linked to a contemporary timepiece.

It’s obviously much more than just a showcase. ” “Thanks to this device, we can take the spectators with us on the unprecedented journey we are offering towards Fine Watchmaking 4.0: that is, our quest for a mutation allowing Haute Horlogerie to be in tune with the times. Our meca-fluidic technology, which is a unique marriage of science and watchmaking know-how, and the way we intend to metamorphose classic complications through our vision of a new form of futuristic design expression, are perfectly staged and become understandable not only to the discerning connoisseur or collector, but also to a very wide audience ” said Davide Cerrato, CEO and creative director of HYT.

3D projection, also known as video mapping, is the art and science of using physical spaces and objects as a projection surface instead of a conventional screen. The end result is a magical, visually arresting effect that changes our perception and must be seen live to be fully experienced. Immersive multimedia entertainment has the power to strengthen social solidarity, to inject new energy into spaces, to attract new audiences and the magic happens…” says Brian Tornay, founder of the Brillantine Pictures agency.

The exclusive partnership initiated by HYT and Brillantine Pictures opens up infinite possibilities for new expressions of the watchmaking virtuosity of the future.