URWERK UR-100 Blue Planet Luxury Watch
URWERK UR-100 Blue Planet Luxury Watch
URWERK UR-100 Blue Planet Luxury Watch
URWERK UR-100 Blue Planet Luxury Watch


UR-100V “Blue Planet”

Ref: UR 100


PRICE $53,000.00
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UR-100V “Blue Planet”

URWERK’s horological Skunk Works launches a series of 25 time - and space - measuring instruments into orbit. UR-100V “Blue Planet” tracks the earth and our solar system: it’s a 24-hour invitation to interstellar travel and the pleasure of savoring time. With interplanetary imagination, science-fiction iconography and limitless creative freedom, URWERK has its roots in spatial horology. Using out-of-this-world graphic traits inherent to all URWERK timepieces, the UR-100V collection adds an astrophysical dimension. The astronomical action takes place under a large observation dome, where, upon finishing indicating the minutes in the 0-to-60 arc along the bottom of the dial, the vivid green and yellow arrowhead hand (one of three) disappears – only to reappear at 9 o'clock to track the 555.55 kilometers the earth rotates at the equator every 20 minutes. The hand then reappears again at 3 o'clock to display a kilometer counter tracking 20 minutes of the earth's revolution around the sun (35,742 kilometers).  
Model UR 100



PVD, Steel


Blue, Skeletonized




Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve



Water Resistance

30m (3 ATM)