UR-111C Black Cobra

Ref: UR-111C
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UR-111C Black Cobra

Limited edition of 25 watches. Once you have seen it, it is impossible to get the UR-111C Black out of your mind. It seems deliberately designed to mesmerise. At first glance, it is the fiery contrast of the orange markings against the dark case that captures the imagination. Then the case itself. You can almost feel its balanced and fluid lines moulding to your wrist. Like all of URWERK’s watches, it’s built to astonish, albeit on traditional mechanical watchmaking principles. And it’s true to URWERK’s purpose — to demonstrate unusual and unexpected ways of telling the time on your wrist. There’s one certain thing about the UR-111C Black. You’ve never seen anything like it before. The grooved case in black-coated steel and titanium curves along its ample length and width. The curved sides are held by transversal screws in half pipes. And what’s that roller in the middle for? Or the lever along the side of the case? Nothing is obvious, all is intriguing. To appreciate a work of art, you must understand its creator. Martin Frei, URWERK’s designer and co- founder, is a master of intriguing design in which every detail reveals another to draw you deeper into the soul of your watch. No feature is gratuitous, lines and volumes are meticulously thought out and co- ordinated into a coherent and harmonious living instrument.
Model UR-111C
Product Type



PVD, Titanium






Jumping Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Retrograde, Seconds