URWERK UR-100V TIME AND CULTURE II, Sumer, 41mm, luxury men's watch

Introducing the UR-100V “Time and Culture II” unveiled in Geneva on October 18, 2023. URWERK embarks on another temporal journey, this time delving into the heart of Mesopotamian civilization, particularly the city of Ur, a profound source of inspiration for the brand.

In 3000 BC, the Sumerians of Ur pioneered the initial unit of time, setting the groundwork for modern time measurement with the golden number of 60. URWERK pays homage to this origin in the second edition of the 100V, Time and Culture line. Co-founder Martin Frei shares, “I loved staging some of its hallmark features: mythology, astronomy, astrology, and time measurement.”

Under the sapphire dome of the UR-100V Time and Culture II, nicknamed ‘Sumer,’ a Pantheon pays tribute to ancient divinities. The Sun, represented by Utu in a contemporary design, stands central, while Nanna, the moon god, resides between the lugs. The blue hue symbolizes lapis lazuli, linked to Innana, goddess of Love, War, and Fertility.

URWERK UR-100V TIME AND CULTURE II, Sumer,close up on dial, luxury men's watch

Space-themed motifs on the periphery of UR-100V ‘Sumer’ echo Sumerian astronomical knowledge, showcasing authentic sky charts and planispheres. These engravings, reproduced meticulously, testify to the civilization’s love for the night and its luminaries.

The UR-100V Time and Culture II features hours, minutes, and rotational distances at the city of Ur and orbital distances displayed alongside Earth’s rotation data. The watch’s unique kilometer counter illustrates the silent journey made due to Earth’s rotation, highlighting the brand’s innovative approach to timekeeping.

URWERK UR-100V TIME AND CULTURE II, Sumer, close up on center, luxury men's watch


URWERK UR-100V TIME AND CULTURE II, Sumer, close up on seconds,luxury men's watch

Crafted with precision, the limited-edition UR-100V boasts the Calibre Selfwinding UR 12.02 movement, with 40 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve. The materials, including aluminum satellite hours and an ARCAP dome, showcase circular graining, sanding, shot-blasting, and circular satin finishing. The case, with a steel middle and titanium case-back, has dimensions of 41.0mm width, 49.7mm length, and 14.0mm thickness. Sapphire crystal and a Baltimore strap with a pin buckle complete this horological masterpiece, pressure-tested at 3ATM (30m). Priced at $82,000 USD, the UR-100V embodies URWERK’s commitment to innovation and respect for ancient cultural heritage.