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What does luxury mean to you? It has different connotations for different people. Most would agree that luxury isn’t about a particular product; it’s a lifestyle, something you attain through the right mix of comfort, elegance, and style. And to be sure, there are products that can embody this concept—and luxury watches are at the top of the list. That’s why, at Westime, we believe that we’re selling more than just time pieces. At our high-end watch store, we’re also selling luxury lifestyle.

When you come to our West Hollywood location, you’ll certainly see some nice watches, from more than 50 of the top Swiss watch designers. These luxury watches exude style and grace. With that said, you’ll also see various pieces of jewelry and remarkable accessories—all of them embodying that luxury lifestyle.

We’re proud to offer our clients a real experience—and the chance to wrap themselves up in a timeless tradition of sophistication and affluence. We hope you’ll come see us in our West Hollywood watch boutique, and find out for yourself why Westime ranks among the most popular luxury lifestyle retailers in the State of California. We're located right on Sunset Blvd in the heart of Los Angeles.

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About our West Hollywood Watch Store

You’ll find Westime in the heart of West Hollywood, close to some of Los Angeles’ top attractions. Our store is located on Sunset Boulevard, not far from Sunset Plaza. We’re not far from Santa Monica Boulevard, either.

Westime has proudly served West Hollywood for many years; in fact, it’s one of our three California locations, along with shops set up in La Jolla and Beverly Hills. Westime is also happy to have a watch boutique in Miami, Florida—making us a bicoastal purveyor of luxury lifestyle products and amazing Swiss watches.

Our rarified product lineup can indeed help you achieve the luxury lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of—whether it starts with a Swiss watch or something a little different. Find out for yourself. Visit Westime in our West Hollywood watch store today.

Watch Brands we Carry

Westime has been one of West Hollywood’s top watch stores since 1987—and while we don’t only sell watches, they are certainly a big part of the luxury lifestyle that we embrace.

What we love about watches is that, although they are highly functional, they can also be conduits of personal taste and style. The ones we offer here are made by skilled artisans, belonging to long traditions of watch creation. Each of the luxury watches we carry is truly a work of art.

To that end, Westime only showcases world-class brands—including selections from 50 of the top Swiss watch designers. We are authorized dealers of these lines, to name just a few:

Again, we don’t only sell watches—but we do believe in watches, and in their ability to crystalize the luxury lifestyle. That’s why we are so careful that, in our West Hollywood watch store, the products we sell are only the very best.

West Hollywood Luxury Lifestyle Shopping

For as passionate as we are about selling top-of-the-line Swiss watches, we’re quick to say that the luxury lifestyle encompasses much—and at Westime, we are proud to boast a wide array of refined and sophisticated lifestyle products.

It’s a diverse product lineup. We offer secure home safes, made to look beautiful and to keep your valuables protected. We also offer exquisite cases for wine, for guns, and beyond. And, we offer elegant storage cases, for you to keep your collection of luxury watches on display.

All of these products exemplify what luxury means to us—and as with our Swiss watch collection, our lifestyle accessories include some of the world’s best brands. A partial list includes:

No matter what items are missing from your luxury lifestyle, we trust that you’ll find them here.

We are proud to provide these unique and exquisite items to our clients, and prouder still to be trusted curators of the luxury lifestyle. If you’re in West Hollywood and want to see some of these luxury lifestyle products for yourself, we invite you to visit us at our Westime watch boutique.

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